About Us

“Let the beauty we love, be what we do.” ― Rumi

Islamic art has always attracted attention with its intricacy, elegance and richness of patterns. One of the most amazing and beautiful manifestations of this art is wood carving. The hand of a master, imbued with spirituality and harmony, creates unique masterpieces that adorn places of worship creating warmth and harmony, interior design elements that create an atmosphere of tranquility and peace, and exterior elements that bring beauty and joy to everyday life.

The patterns that we use in our projects have their own names and symbolic meaning. Most often, geometric figures such as circles, squares, stars and hexagons can be seen in them which symbolize divine harmony and the unity of the universe. Additionally, we use plant motifs, which symbolize vitality, abundance, and remind us of the Garden of Paradise.

In the art of Islamic wood carving, the influence of various cultures and national traditions can be traced. This art finds its followers not only in countries with Muslim tradition, but also all over the world, where it is winning the hearts of connoisseurs of the beautiful and refined. We are delighted that we are a part of a legacy of beauty creators!

Design & Artisan Team

Ismail Ahmadzai

Artist and Craftsman

“I hope to create features and pieces that will bring joy and peace to the people that see it.” ~Ismail

Hamayun Ahmadzai

Graphics and Craftsman 

“It’s incredible to take a client’s design ideas from graphics to the final finished product.”  ~Hamayun

Homaira Wassel

Sales & Marketing

“I love working with clients to find the perfect art piece or architectural feature that will create a sense of harmony in their space and bring them joy.”  ~Homaira

Zainab Ahmadzai


“Artistry that requires patience and thoughtfulness is essential to the preservation of our heritage and traditions.” ~Zainab

Suraya Ahmadzai


“Beautifying our mosques and spaces of worship is an amazing experience. I am eager to continue learning.” ~Suraya

Talha Ames


“I am learning so much by working at Greendome.  I am currently working on a Morrocan table design.”  ~Talha

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