Green Dome Design

Modern Masters of a Timeless Tradition.

Captivating Heirloom Art Pieces and Custom Commissioned Wood Interior and Exterior Elements

We combine the eternal beauty of Islamic geometric patterns and traditional art forms with the depth and vitality of wood to create impeccable pieces that last for generations. From mosques, mihrabs to minbars, our master craftsmen replicate the essence of our rich heritage in each piece of work.


exquisite custom gifts infused with traditional and Islamic patterns

Have an idea?

Our team with will work with you every step of the way to make your interior or exterior design ideas come to life. We will with homeowners, business owners, mosque or Islamic centers, or interior designers to create one a kind masterpiece no matter the size of the project.
Islamic Inspiration

Islamic art has been around for centuries and is as vast in its style and modalities as it is in the regions it developed

Reflecting Beauty

Art must engage with ultimate Truth and proclaim that which is Good. Regardless of how magnificent a work of art is, if we lose the sense of reference, we lose our sense of purpose.

Environment Friendy

Working with our hands with some of the most beautiful wood and highest quality materials is a promise

Global Community

We look forward to collaborating and sharing our work with our global community, bringing beauty and joy in their spaces.